80 word stories

Look at me mummy

Sleeping soundly in your tiny crib, I watch in awe. So peaceful at night, never a day goes by when I wish you way. Although the circumstances were wrong, I want to be your mum, to watch you blossom into a person of your own.

My precious.

Remember never make my mistakes, wait until you’re ready. Don’t follow the crowd, fewer errors are made. I wish you a happy life, make it your own; you could be successful unlike mum.


Remember me

Wanting to hold on to the precious seconds that pass never wishing to let go, I’m alone trapped under the canopy of doubt without you to fight with me in my corner. With my eyes throbbing under the sheer amount of tears, I can never let you go. You are my warrior by oath, my guardian by spirit, my soul mate by trust…nothing can change that!

 Who would have thought this would ever hurt so much? No-one and that’s fact.


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